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It’s been over six months since Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting, and the Big Bang Theory star has done an admirable job of keeping the details of the split under wraps.

We still don’t know exactly why Kaley and Ryan split, but one persistent rumor keeps rearing its nerdy head:

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Okay, we’re guessing Johnny Galecki isn’t all that nerdy in real life, but if you watch The Big Bang Theory online, you know that his geeky character Leonard recently married Kaley’s Penny.

Cuoco and Galecki dated in real life, and during her marriage, it was often rumored that Sweeting was jealous of her continued friendship with her co-star.

Now, sources say there’s no truth to the rumors that Kaley and Johnny are back together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun messing with Ryan.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kaley has been "flaunting" her friendship with Johnny on social media as a way of taking revenge on Sweeting for the way he treated her in the final days of their marriage. 

Kaley has posted photos like the ones above that seem to suggest she and Johnny are more than friends  – but she’s also denied that they’re dating in a number of interviews.

Sounds like despite her reputation for being sweet, Kaley has a bit of a salty side, too.