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Darn it slash thank goodness.

It turns out Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz are not engaged … or even dating. They faked their relationship to promote her new music video.

Jessica Lowndes - Deva Ju Music Video

The former 90210 star, 27, revealed that her social media posts and rumored engagement to Lovitz, 58, was all a sham over the weekend.

Lowndes’ music video for "Deva Vu" (which is quite NSFW incidentally) features the actor and SNL comedic great as her older lover.

I love a good prank so happy early April Fools!” Lowndes said. “Jon and I met in Hawaii last year when we worked together on Hawaii 5-0."

Jessica adds, "I fell in love with his humor and comedy so when I was looking for someone to be a part of my "Deja Vu (Remix).’"

The video, she says, "is a nod to the ’80s Mystery Science Theater 3000 and ’90s Pop Up Video. He was the first person to come to mind.”

In the video, Lovitz is seen getting dressed while Lowndes lies naked in bed. “That’s Jon Lovitz,” a pop-up icon indicates on the screen.

It only gets weirder and more raunchy from there, as soon enough, Lowndes is  seen performing oral sex on Lovitz in a parked convertible.

“Did You Know? Pineapple juice is loaded with benefits, and it’s delicious, too!” a pop-up bubble informs as Lowndes lifts up her head.

The video ends with the hot actress stripping down to black lingerie and climbing on top of Lovitz in bed. Maybe in his fantasies, right?

Yes. Literally. At the end of the music video, Jon wakes up in a hospital, and we learn that kinky events we just saw were all a dream.

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