David and Victoria Beckham: Headed For Divorce?

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Another big Hollywood split is said to be on the horizon, and if this rumored breakup were true, it would truly shock the celebrity world ...

David and Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham recently ended her business partnership with longtime husband David ... a harbinger of things to come, some say.

Insiders believe her personal partnership with him is next.

The couple’s 16-year marriage has been one of Hollywood's most solid for that entire period, though behind the scenes, it's been strained.

“There is a lot of buzz around the industry that David and Victoria are on the verge of a divorce,” a source tells celebrity news site Radar.

“It’s no secret that they lead separate lives.”

There may some truth to that. The former Spice Girls diva and fashion icon, 41, has been promoting her brand in Hong Kong and Seoul.

Meanwhile, her retired soccer star husband and the father of her four children, 40, is busy launching a new MLS team in Miami, Fla.

If and when there is a split ... expect a private, low-key affair, much like the way the couple lives to the best of their ability right now.

Says another source close to the two stars:

“They are waiting for a quiet time to make a very short announcement about the status of their relationship. There won’t be any drama.”

“They don’t want a lot of attention around it."

David and Victoria still appear to be making a united front for the sake of their kids Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 11, and Harper, 4.

Yet despite the focus on family, the stress is said to be getting to Victoria, and insiders believe it's just a matter of time before they separate.

While we're not ready to stick a fork in them just yet, this would easily make for one of the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time:

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I love Sex And The Cityand I'm going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film. But I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now. I'm a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I'm only friends with Tom and Katie to be in a movie but it's not true. I've turned down lots of roles.

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I think David is better looking than him. Definitely.

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