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Caitlyn Jenner came face to face with her political adversary Hillary Clinton Sunday night on I Am Cait Season 2 Episode 4. The results?

As surprising as some of the primary elections so far in 2016 …

Watch I Am Cait Season 2 Episode 4 Online
Watch I Am Cait Season 2 Episode 4 Online

If you watch I Am Cait online, you know it’s politics season.

Yes, the presidential election is everywhere (only seven more months until it’s finally over!!!!) but it’s been a central theme on the show.

Even if you don’t watch it, you may have seen Jenner’s controversial comments regarding the ’16 campaign and her positions on the issues. 

Caitlyn supports Ted Cruz, but that’s not even all.

She’s gone so far as to call Hillary Clinton a liar, which made the former Secretary of State’s appearance last night all the more interesting.

Jenner and her friends hit Iowa’s Drake University for one of the Democratic debates, and conservative Caitlyn took Clinton to task.

"[We’ll] see all the free stuff Hillary gives out," she said. "That’s all she does. She never says how we’re gonna pay for it, but…"

Caitlyn doesn’t #FeelTheBern either, of course.

Bernie Sanders, she says, is "just like Obama, he doesn’t really appreciate this country." What does the former Olympian mean there?

"They keep talking about the top one percent … all these terrible people. I’m in the top one percent. I don’t even have Obamacare."

"And I had to put $450,000 in there. The healthcare’s going to be worse," she adds, "so I think we need a better tax structure."

Hillary’s politics aside, she won Cait over, at least in part, when Jenner and her friends spoke enthusiastically about their road trip.

Clinton seemed thrilled, saying, "I just want you to have a great time and do great work," and Jenner had to concede she was a fan.

The former First Lady and U.S. Senator, she said, was "very sweet" and undoubtedly would be "very good on transgender civil rights."

Meanwhile, Caitlyn experienced some drama when confronted by a group of protesters claiming she doesn’t represent the trans community.

"Caitlyn Jenner, you are an insult to all trans people you don’t represent us," said one woman. "You’re a disgrace to our community."

"You have no right to speak for us."

When Cait tried to put a hand on her shoulder and diffuse this, her friend lashed out, "Do not touch her. Don’t you f–king touch her!"

On the flip side, Jenner showed that some are moved and helped by her presence, giving advice to a 13-year-old gender queer teen:

"Surround yourself with positive people, uplifting people, people who want to see you do well. Anybody gives you any trash in your life?"

"Get ’em the hell out of your life."