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Ever since it debuted back in July of 2015, I Am Cait has been a ratings disappointment.

The show never managed to find anything close to a Kardashian-sized audience, and it’s been steadily losing viewers in season 2, with just 745,000 tuning in for the premiere, and the audience dropping shrinking from there.

She is Caitlyn

“There’s buzz that the show could be canceled as early as next month,” a source close involved with production tells Radar Online. “Caitlyn is furious at the fact that her show is doing so poorly."

Sources say Caitlyn is humiliated by the prospect of a midseason cancelation, so perhaps it’s not surprising that she’s refusing to accept responsibility for the show’s lackluster ratings.

As we reported earlier Caitlyn actually blames Kris Jenner for I Am Cait​’s struggles.

“Caitlyn seems to think that Kris is actually somehow doing something behind the scenes to affect the ratings,” says the insider.

“It looks like she is struggling to accept that she is not going to have the spotlight anymore and does not know what she is going to do once this is over.”

It’s probably a ridiculous allegation, but you never know with Kris.

The woman is a mastermind when it comes to reality TV, and we assume she’s capable of destroying shows as well as creating them from nothing.

In all likelihood, however, Caitlyn’s weird mix of trans activism and ultra-conservative politics only appeals to a very, very small demographic.