Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14 Recap: Change is... Good?

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Richard held a "resident scramble" on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14, fearing things at the hospital were growing too tired and comfortable.

What did this mean, exactly?

The unexpected game of Musical Doctors paired Meredith with Jo... Arizona with Ben and Andrew... Penny with Amelia... and Stephanie with the puppies in peds.

No, really.

We also discovered on this installment of Grey's Anatomy Season 12 (courtesy of Callie) that Sgt. Carson was doing well after last week’s crazy surgery, yet Meredith was ignoring Will’s calls - and also not revealing to Maggie that she had an attractive military doctor after her.

In surgery, Callie suggested that perhaps Meredith never returned the hot man;s calls because she didn’t hear the phone ringing.

“Your ringer needs to be turned on,” Torres quipped. “You’ve been on vibrate for too long!”

Did we mention how much we love Callie?!?

Jo teaming up with Meredith did not go well, of course, with the latter calling out the former for NOT being Blake at one point. Ouch.

Later, after Jo stood up for herself and even told Meredith to call her “damn army guy back,” Meredith admitted to Callie and Maggie that she actually liked Jo.

Elsewhere, Jackson revealed to Alex that he’s dating, while Arizona tried to convince April that she had to get her baby tested, even if she feared what those tests determined.

That was good Arizona. But here was bad Arizona:

With April finally convinced she had to tell Jackson about the impending baby, she sought him out to do so… only to find Arizona spilling the precious beans!

As for what else went down this week?

  • Bailey told Ben that Arizona had requested him to be on her service for the foreseeable future.
  • Meredith actually apologized to Jo, even telling her that she hopes she sticks with Alex
  • Meredith left the hospital, only to be confronted by Will on the bench, told that his "very nice face makes it hard to say no" and then asked out again.

Do you want her to say yes?

Or do think MerDer should forever remain sacred on Grey's Anatomy?

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