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Congratulations are in order for the Baldwins.

Sorry, we should clarify. There are a lot of Baldwins.

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin
Photo via IZZY/

In this case, we’re referring to Alec and Hilaria Baldwin. The pair just announced they are expecting their third child – a baby boy!

To commemorate the occasion, both husband and wife posted this photo to Instagram:

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin kissing

"Ireland, Carmen, Rafael, Hilaria and I are excited to share with you that we are going to have another little addition to our family. Another little boy coming this Fall," Alec wrote in the caption.

The couple certainly have been keeping, uh, busy over the past several months. Hilaria just gave birth to baby Rafael last June.

Guess that oven was just yearning for another bun.

The couple welcomed their first child Carmen in 2013, just one year after they were married in 2012. Clearly, they wasted no time in making additions to their family.

It’s certainly a nice change of pace to see Alec making headlines for something other than his obnoxious public outbursts.

In 2014, he decried New York City as a "carnival of stupidity" after he was arrested for a traffic violation, and not long before that he was caught screaming homophobic slurs at a photographer.

Alec also has a 20-year-old daughter, Ireland, who he shares with his first wife Kim Basinger.