Scandal Season 5 Episode 12 Recap: So... Much... Sex

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I wanna sex you up.

It's more than just the title of a classic Color Me Badd song, folks. It was the basis for the events that went down on Scandal Season 5 Episode 12, as summarized below...

Consider David Rosen, for starters, who was caught between Elizabeth and Susan as he and the latter worked to manipulate Susan via her love for David.

Talk about a dangerous game being played.

Elsewhere, Olivia was sexing up Jake, continuing to do so even after learning from her father that he's got a long-time girlfriend.

Man, a whole lot happened during that Scandal Season 5 six-month time jump, huh?

But these weren't the biggest sex shockers of the hour. Not even close, in fact.

Fitz is busy having as much sex with that reporter, Lillian, as he possibly can.

Even though they kept getting interrupted by Abby in her quest to do her stupid job, Lillian was photographed at one point with "sex hair" while leaving the President's residence.

But is this relationship for real? Or is Lillian just getting plowed in order to get the scoop on Fitz?

"There’s obviously chemistry between them, and I think it’s genuine," actress Annabeth Gish tells TV Line. "She has to make a decision about whether or not she wants to do her piece… or date the president!"

Finally, did we mention that, in laying the groundwork to turn democratic governor Vargas into a serious presidential hopeful, Cyrus actually arranged a shooting!

He made sure that the politician could come out of it injured, yet a hero, essentially securing the guy's place in the hearts of the American people.

So even the person not having scandalous sex was involved in something pretty scandalous. This is Scandal, we suppose.

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