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Back in July, reports of Tyga cheating on Kylie Jenner with transgender model and former adult film star Mia Isabella began to circulate online.

Mia Isabella Picture
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Tyga Performs at Drai's LIVE
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The news spread quickly, but seemed to go away just as suddenly. At one point, there were even rumors that Mia planned to release a Tyga sex tape, but it never materialized.

Mia took to social media to confirm that she had an affair with Tyga, but refused to grant interviews.

She eventually stopped acknowledging the rumors altogether, leading many to believe that she had been paid off.

Last night, however, Mia revealed the real reason for her sudden silence via a pair of screenshots and a scathing Instagram rant.

She began by posting the two photos below:

Tyga-Mia Isabella Texts
Tyga-Mia Isabella Email

The one on the left allegedly shows a conversation between Mia and Tyga that took place last year.

It was accompanied by the following caption, in which she tagged Tyga.

It’s long, but we recommend reading the whole thing. It’s a doozy:

"Seven months I stayed suffering and depressed protecting you while losing everything," she wrote alongside the photos. "I’m not taking any more L’s for you f–k you.

"All this time all I asked while you and your team tried extort me into silence with threats and bribery was to tell the world I did nothing wrong.

"Very simple, I didn’t release anything and I NEVER threatened to release a sex-tape but you decided to let the world make me a villain and you the victim and you weren’t.

"Truth is I didn’t accept offers of money for silence or career opportunities I did it because you made reference of suicide and I cared too much about you to have that weight on my hands.

"And I bet you never told Kylie the truth like I told Colin and my ex fiance that we were cheating on them huh? I can face my mistakes with honesty can you?

"I was never checking for you yet you stayed chasing me like a puppy begging for treats with an appetite no piece of p–sy can ever fill for you.

"Your bisexuality for women and Trans women is highly common in heterosexual men. Own your shit so nobody can ever use it against you again. 

Your lucky I don’t sue your ass for everything you put me through but I won’t because you don’t have anything that I want all I want is my dignity so I’m taking it back.

"Happy 3.5 year anniversary an early Valentines gift for you <3 @kinggoldchains."

The photo on the right is allegedly a screenshot of an email that reps for Tyga sent to Mia around the time that news of their affair went public.

She posted it along with the following caption:

"Just to confirm…if it wasn’t true his team wouldn’t been offering me the world to keep me silent, JUST SAYING."

Sounds like T-Raww might have some serious explaining to do.