Lorde and Diplo: Dating?!

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At Tuesday night's BRIT Awards in London, Lorde stole the show with her heartwarming tribute to the late David Bowie.

After the show, it seems she held on to the spotlight by spending some time with a man of far more dubious musical talent.

Lorde and Diplo

In case you suffer from douche-amnesia (a condition that causes you to instantly forget the names of faces aof the world's most colossal D-bags) the guy hanging out with Lorde here is Diplo.

Diplo is a 37-year-old DJ/guy who probably calls everyone "dawg."

Lorde is an incredibly talented 19-year-old singer/songwriter whom Bowie himself once described as "the future of music."

He probably forgot to add, "Unless she gets dragged down by some coattail-riding wiener man."

If you feel like you've read about Diplo and Lorde in the same article before, that's because you have.

After Diplo attacked Taylor Swift with a series of foully misogynistic remarks online last year, Lorde rushed to her friend's defense. 

She basically shut the dude right down by publicly speculating that he has a small penis

Now, it looks like she's decided to research that claim for herself.

Taylor and Diplo have made up, but the possibility of a Lorde-Diplo relationship must still seem like a nightmare for her.

After all, it wasn't that long ago that Diplo was dating Katy Perry (another unfortunate magnet for the douchiest men the celeb world has to offer).

For all we know, he could be a spy. Don't so it, Lorde! People have lost their squad privileges for less!

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