Kylie Jenner Puts Up With Tyga 'Cause He's HOT in the Sack!

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Despite hearing rumor after rumor of his philandering and infidelity, Kylie Jenner still chooses to remain Tyga's girlfriend, leaving many fans with but one question:


Tyga in DuJour
Kylie Jenner Looks Pissed

According to HollywoodLife, there's one simple answer: Tyga is a tiger in bed, and Kylie just can't get enough.

“It’s so messed up, but in a sick way all the drama and fighting is making Kylie even more attached to Tyga," a source tells the site.

"She’ll get so distraught when she’s fighting with Tyga, it’s like the world is ending, and then, they work things out and have amazing make-up sex and she falls even more in love with him."

Ah, the make-up sex. And the being 18 and mistaking sex for love.

Or the BS that this entire story reeks of.

"When things are good, they spend hours in bed together," added the source. "Kylie always brags about how long their sessions go, and what great stamina Tyga has."

"She’s on cloud nine afterwards, but then before long, something happens, she’ll get jealous or Tyga will do something shady and it will all explode again."

However true or untrue this theory may be, one does ponder why she stays with the dude.

Clues that suggest Tyga has been cheating are piling up by the day, but could this last report be the silver bullet that might actually kill their relationship?

Journalists for DuJour magazine reported that before their interview with the "Rack City" rapper, they caught a sleepy-eyed Val Mercado wearing last night's outfit outside his house waiting for her ride.

Val, of course, is the Kylie lookalike that Tyga was photographed hanging out with a few weeks ago.

Open your eyes, Kylie. Tyga is bad news.

And trust us, there is plenty of amazing sex to be found outside the pants of a D-list D-bag.

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