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We’ve known for several months that Javi Marroquin was soon to deploy with the US Air Force for what will probably be a 12-month tour of duty overseas.

But just because they knew it was coming, that doesn’t mean the separation was any easier for Kailyn Lowry and her two sons.

Javi Marroquin & Kailyn Lowry: Star Magazine's Annual Hollywood Rocks
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We know now that rumors of Kailyn and Javi breaking up prior to his deployment were bogus, and OK! magazine is reporting that the young mother is having an extremely hard time without her husband by her side.

"Kailyn and Javi stay in touch mostly through FaceTime," a source tells the tabloid, adding that Lowry has been doing her best to keep herself distracted 

"Kailyn is in school, always busy with the kids and her friend is visiting," the insider says. "Kailyn misses him, but she’s not going crazy about it. She’s so occupied with the kids and her friend visiting."

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know Javi and Kailyn have had their ups and downs, but their relationship seemed to be doing better than ever in the weeks leading up to his deployment, so it’s a bit surprising that she’s taking it so well.

Apparently, however, Kailyn has not had an easy time explaining Javi’s absence to her two young sons:

"Isaac and Lincoln are missing Javi really bad," the source says. "Isaac is struggling with it worse than Lincoln.

"Isaac really doesn’t get it [that his dad is gone]. "He talks to him on FaceTime and asks to call him, but that’s it."

The insider adds that things will "get harder" around the house once Kailyn’s friend leaves.

Here’s hoping Ms. Lowry doesn’t attempt to cope by getting more plastic surgery.