Jill Duggar Comes Under Fire For Photo of Baby Israel

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It's been a tough week for Jill Duggar on social media

Yesterday, a photo of her family that Jill posted to Instagram had fans wondering about Derick Dillard's health. Today, an innocent photo of her son, Israel, has dozens castigating Jill as a negligent mother.

Israel Dillard Christmas Photo

As you can see, the controversial photo shows Israel sitting on a blanket in front of a pile of Christmas presents - and an open electrical outlet.

Yes, the outlet in the pic isn't baby-proofed with plastic plug-style covers, and many Duggar fans (and haters) have taken to calling Jill and Derick out on their IG pages.

Many have also wondered about the mark on Israel's eye, which could be a bruise or simply a shadow. Jill and Derick have yet to offer an explanation.

Regardless of your feelings on whether or not little Israel is soon to zap himself into the Promised Land, the debate that's currently raging on Derick's IG page is highly entertaining:

"Look out for that electrical outlet, neglectful parents," wrote one follower.

"People today want children to be bubble wrapped. It's pathetic," another countered.

We'd give more examples, but the comments on the photo feature plenty of language the Duggars wouldn't approve of, because what's the point of expressing your views if you're not using all-caps and F-bombs aplenty?

The point is, some folks think Jill and Derick should be under investigation by CPS, while others continue to believe they can do no wrong. 

Watch Jill & Jessa: Counting On online to decide for yourself if Jill is the best or worst mother on the planet.

There's probably some middle ground in the debate, but why keep a level head when you take an EXTREME stance? 

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