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Whew! For a minute there, we’d thought we’d lost naked Courtney Stodden.

First, she posts a makeup-free selfie, revealing a face (and just her face) that’s totally unrecognizable. Okay, she’s pretty much unrecognizable to most folks, anyway, but you know what I mean.

Then she posts a photo of herself in her version of a "classy" outfit: a skimpy leotard and a hoodie.

Geez, Courtney. You may as well be the next Sister Wife.

But nah, that was all just for funsies, because naked Courtney is back on Instagram, nuder than ever.

Courtney Stodden nude grainy butt photo

In this naked photo, she’s in bed, which we know because she captioned the photo with the hashtag "#bedbug."

When I see a pic like this – you know, one that’s supposed to be "candid" but in reality is anything but – I always ponder the logistics that went into it.

For example:

  • How many shots did she take before getting a good one?
  • How many times did she have to move before getting the right lighting?
  • Who is actually taking the photo?
  • Is someone crouching down on the side of the bed or is Courtney doing a reach around with her right arm?  
  • How many times did she have to reposition her ass to get that curved look?

Any woman who’s ever tried to take sexy selfies like this (yep, I’m guilty) knows that it’s not like, "Oh, I’m just hanging around naked in bed in full hair and makeup with my ass thrust skyward and thought I’d capture the moment with a selfie." 

Nah, girl, it takes time, effort and commitment.

But then again, this is kind of Courtney’s job.

However, believe it or not, she does have another job. She’s set to appear on Lifetime’s new reality show, The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition with her mom Krista, plus Kim Richards and Heidi Pratt.

We’re positive it’ll be a doozy.