Brielle Zolciak Posts Bikini Selfie, Continues to Compete With Her Mom

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As children grow into adults, it's not uncommon for them to feel competitive with their own parents.

Usually, this means the kids try to match the grownups in terms of career or financial success. In the Zolciak-Biermann household, it means stepping up your bikini selfie game to outdo your spotlight-loving mother.

Brielle Zolciak on Instagram

As you can see, 18-year-old Brielle Zolciak's bikini selfies leave little to the imagination. The girl knows her best angles, and why shouldn't she? She learned from the best.

Not only has she grown up watching her mom pose for endless selfie sessions in front of full-length mirrors, she's actually become a featured star on Kim's Instagram page in recent months.

Kim Zolciak, of course, has been criticized for posting photos of her teenage daughters in bikinis, but we have a hard time blaming her.

After all, we're pretty sure she was born without the part of your brain that tells you when something is wildly inappropriate.

Anyway, the torch is now being passed to a new generation of scantily-clad Zolciaks, but right now we're in this in-between area where both mother and daughter are competing for attention on social media, and the whole thing has a serious ick factor.

But don't let that affect your enjoyment of these photos of Brielle in swimwear. It's totally possible she doesn't own any actual clothing:

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