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Slow claps for the guy in denim.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016
Photo via Adriana M. Barraza/

Gwen Stefani never phones it in sartorially, but even she can’t make up for the fact that her boyfriend, Blake Shelton wore jeans to February 28th’s Vanity Fair Oscar party.

This is an after party that invited guests covet, and even the photographers are dressed in formal wear, a dress code only adhered to at an equally superb occasion, the Cannes Film Festival.

This is a classy event, Shelton.  We’re glad you went with dark wash denim instead of, say, pressed khakis, but for crying out loud, isn’t there a suit somewhere in your closet?  

If Shelton dressed like a true cowboy (Stetson hat at the ready, all day every day), then we might have accepted his looks as "authentic country cowboy."

Last night’s look was simply lazy and/or difficult, as if Shelton was rebelling against (what we assume is) the event’s dress code.

"Hey ya’ll.  I’m not gonna listen to your rules on how to dress on Oscar night," Shelton’s jeans screamed from the red carpet.

"Whatever, I’m wearing dungarees ’cause I’m country."

No, Shelton.  Oscar night is not about conforming, nor is it about making a statement by under-dressing.  It’s about respecting the event and what it represents. 

Oscar night is special.  People work very hard to put the entire production together, so the least you could do is put on a suit so as not to embarrass your lady friend.

Just do better next time.