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It’s only been one month since we first learned about the completely unexpected relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, but the unlikely couple has moved very quickly in that time.

Blac Chyna Kissing Rob Kardashian

Rob and Blac are living together, and insiders say he credits her with saving his life after she turned him on to intense workouts and a mostly vegan diet.

Last week, it was widely reported that Blac and Rob are engaged.

Blac did nothing to discourage the rumors, posing with new bling and captioning photos with the diamond ring Emoji.

Now, the couple is once again the subject of online speculation, but this time it might be considerably harder to fake it.

Several sources are now reporting that the couple is moving so quickly because Blac is pregnant with Rob’s baby.

In fact, some say Blac knew she was knocked up within days of when she and Rob first went public, and Amber Rose wasn’t joking when she commented on how "hilarious" it would be if her friend was carrying a Kardashian baby.

Fortunately, these two can’t keep a secret for long, so if there’s any truth to the rumors of a Blac-Rob baby, we’re sure to find out soon.

Maybe Kris Jenner will approve of the relationship once she realizes that situation would have serious spinoff potential.