Anna Kendrick: I Want to Bang the Entire Cast of Grease Live!

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We already knew Anna Kendrick is awesome, and we figured Grease: Live would be pretty cool, but we had no idea how fabulous the combination of those two things could be.

Anna Kendrick Is Into The Woods
Grease: Live

No, Kendrick didn't take the stage to hand-jive with the rest of the cast (except in our dreams), but she did live-tweet the entire broadcast, and her critiques are as hilariously NSFW as you could hope.

Kendrick's live tweets are always a joy, but she was particularly on point last night. Some highlights:

  • "This is the role @juliannehough's ass was born to play #GreaseLive"
  • "This is so much fun, it's almost upsetting. #ColdDeadHeart #GreaseLive"
  • "You're right Sandy, never having an orgasm IS hard #GreaseLive"
  • "This 'nerd girl' is like me in high school. Except hotter and less annoying #GreaseLive"
  • "Yeah... this gorgeous blonde is such a loser... (this high school is weird) #GreaseLive"
  • "I would sleep with literally every member of this cast #GreaseLive"

And of course, Anna capped things off with a sincere shout-out to the entire cast, including Vanessa Hudgens, who lost her father to cancer just hours before the performance.

"Everyone was incredible tonight," Kendrick tweeted. "Well done @juliannehough @VanessaHudgens @AaronTveit the whole cast and the CREW! #GreaseLive"

Well done, indeed. Check out some of the most show's most memorable moments in GIF form in the gallery below:

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