Grease Live: The Best, Most GIF-Tastic Moments!

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Grease: Live was the word on Fox on Sunday night, January 31.

The production, which starred Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit in lead roles Sandy and Danny, was a major hit for the network, dominating the Twitter conversation and mostly receiving rave reviews.

Did you miss it? Did you catch it and wish to relive all the best moments once again in GIF form?

Good. Let's do this!

1. Those Summer Nights

Those Summer Nights
It all started with a memorable summer kiss on a memorable summer night. Tell you more, tell you more? Sure, no problem!

2. Grease was the Word

Grease was the Word
This opening number kicked off the show in grand fashion.

3. Do It, Danny!

Do It, Danny!
Thse hip thrusts may make it hard for you to get any work done today.

4. Time to Rule the School

Time to Rule the School
And wiggle those hips, Vanessa Hudgens!

5. Hough Stuff

Hough Stuff
If dancing, singing and acting all fail for Julianne Hough, she could always go into cheerleading.

6. This Was New

This Was New
And the song was also great. Who would have guessed?

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