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Wowsa, this new Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna relationship is escalating FAST.

Blac Chyna butt peek

Just two days ago, Blac posted a photo to Instagram of herself in the amorous embrace of what definitely turned out to be Rob Kardashian’s arm.

Everyone went bonkers because she’s been in a very public feud with Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner, who is dating Blac’s ex-fiance and baby daddy Tyga.

Word on the street is that the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan is furious at Rob, and Kylie and Khloe even hinted at their rage on social media.

Rob, on the other hand, is having a great deal of fun with this.

Yesterday he posted a meme suggesting that Blac was pregnant with his child. Possibly (hopefully) a joke, but geez.

Today, he posted an extreme close-up of Blac’s face, the likeness of which some are comparing to his sister Kim Kardashian, captioning the pic with nothing but a key emoji.

Blac Chyna extreme close up

Key to his heart? Key to the enigma of why he deleted all his Instagram posts? Key to a cabinet filled with cronuts?

Rob’s relationship with Blac reportedly began when he direct messaged her two weeks ago. Since then, the two have been hanging out, working out together and even moved in together, according to TMZ.

Some say Blac is using him to get back at Kylie, but the sole Kardashian brother doesn’t seem to mind.

Oh Rob, we know you’re totally f**king with us with your posts, but thanks for keeping us gossip writers employed.