Kylie Jenner: PISSED About Rob Kardashian-Blac Chyna Relationship!

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Yesterday, the world learned that Rob Kardashian is hooking up with Blac Chyna.

It was a shocking revelation for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Blac is still feuding with Kylie Jenner, aka Rob's little sister.

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Kylie Jenner has yet to officially speak on the matter, although she did compare Rob to the Devil in a recent social media post.

Now, a source close to Kylie is revealing the 18-year-old's true feelings on the topic of her 

"Kylie is livid," a source tells People magazine.

"She feels super betrayed and can't understand why someone in her own family would stab her in the back like that." 

More than anyone else in her family, Kylie has reason to be pissed.

Rob is obviously well aware that Blac is the closest thing Kylie has to a sworn enemy, yet he went and hooked up with her anyway.

Worse, judging by the intimate pic of Rob (captioned, "The beginning") that Blac posted to her Instagram page, it seems the two are not just gettin' it in, but are actually dating.

Sources say Rob's friends believe Blac is taking advantage of him and using to back at Kylie.

We're sure Rob is happy to be "used" in this fashion, but his sisters are right to be upset by his lack of loyalty. 

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