Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna: SEX TAPE on the Way?!?

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First comes making your family's mortal enemy your girlfriend.

Then comes telling everyone she's having your baby and moving in with her after your sister finds the two of you holed up and partying in her house.

Then comes... SEX TAPE!

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Blac Chyna winking

It's just the natural order of things. And all in a time span of about two weeks.

That's right, according to HollywoodLife, new controversial couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been asked by several adult entertainment companies to perform in a sex tape, and guess what?

They're INTO it!

"Rob’s realizing that he has just as much claim to the family’s empire and fame, and he wants to share that with his boo, Blac, so they can make a name for themselves and be the new breakout stars of the family," a source tells the site.

I mean, so far, Rob's sister Kim Kardashian is the only one in the family who's done a sex tape (one that's available to the public, anyway).

Why should SHE have all the fun?

According to the source, Blac wants to direct, so she would exercise full creative control.

"It would be the sex tape of all sex tapes and would make Kim and Ray J’s look like something from the stone ages, but then again, that’s not that hard to do.” 

Ooh, we can't wait! 

What will it entail? Special effects with green screens? Alien invaders with gargantuan vaginas? Holograms of the Kardashian family screaming in horror?

According to everyone, Blac is using Rob to get back at his family, but it sounds as though Rob is pretty much doing the same.

“Rob’s going for the jugular," added the source. "While he loves Blac Chyna, he wants to stick it to his sisters, mainly Kim, in the worst way possible.” 

Sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement to me.

Twisted and deranged, but mutually beneficial indeed.

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