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Usually, when Lindsay Lohan deletes an Instagram post, it means that she failed at Photoshop again. 

This time, however, there may be something far more serious going on.

Lindsay Lohan Bloody Leg Photo

Lohan posted and quickly deleted the above photo over the weekend. 

It appears to be an image of her own bloody leg, and the caption the actress posted with it is more than a little disturbing:

“Don’t stay with the wrong guy,” Lohan wrote. “There goes something that I thought was good. Be true to yourself and NEVER let a man hit you.”

The photo prompted an immediate outpouring of concern from fans, and Lindsay deleted it just minutes after it appeared on her page.

It certainly seems that Lindsay is accusing a man of being violent with her, but she’s made no mention of the incident in the days since she deleted the image.

No one knows for sure who Lindsay is dating these days, but she was reported to be in a serious relationship with an Italian businessman named Mathia Milan back in June.

Lohan was spotted wearing an engagement ring over the summer, but insiders say she was simply playing a prank on friends.

At this time, it appears that Lindsay has no intention of commenting on the troubling development on her Instagram page.

We’ll keep you updated if and when more information becomes available.