Kris Jenner: PAYING Corey Gamble to Date Her?!

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If you watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 11 Episode 10 last night, you saw grown women attack one another with guacamole while Corey Gamble looked on in disgust in horror.

We see a lot of that look on Corey's face these days, and we've often wondered why he stays in a relationship with Kris Jenner when he's so frequently (and rightfully) weirded out by her and her family's behavior.

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Now we may have our answer, as Star magazine is reporting that Kris has been paying Corey to pretend that they're in a committed relationship. 

It sounds bizarre at first. After all, Kris is an attractive, wildly successful woman; surely plenty of men would be willing to date her for free.

But it's important to remember that at the time she started dating Gamble, Kris was desperate to one-up her high-profile ex, and she may have felt that a relationship with a much younger man was just the way to do it:

“Once Bruce Jenner began his transformation into Caitlyn and was getting so much attention, it was particularly humiliating for Kris," says one insider. "She handpicked Corey so she wouldn’t look lonely.”

Whatever the case, the couple seems to be getting more serious these days.

Sources say Corey and Kris are living together now and may be discussing marriage.

Hopefully that'll come with a raise for Corey.

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