Khloe Kardashian's Cryptic Post on Love: Angry at James Harden??

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Khloe Kardashian isn't typically one to be mysterious. In fact, she's easily earned the moniker of TMI queen, evidenced by her kazillion interviews over the past couple weeks in which she spills her guts about nearly every detail in her life.

So it was kind of weird to see her post this cryptic message on Instagram:

Khloe Kardashian: Melancholy Selfie
Khloe Kardashian posts quote on Instagram

Uh, what's THAT supposed to mean, Khloe?

Some fans are speculating that she's upset about the news of boyfriend James Harden being spotted at a Los Angeles strip club with sister Kylie Jenner's ne'er do well bae Tyga over the weekend.

Searching for meaning in the caption leaves us empty-handed as well, as she writes:

"Never compromise the way you desire to be loved. We all should require and demand a certain type of love and that's for us to choose in any realm.

"Don't lose yourself in lowering your standards to make someone else comfortable in love. Search for a love that's equal. You ARE deserving of equal love!!"

Hmm. Suddenly Ms. Let-It-All-Hang-Out has turned into your annoying Facebook friend who posts seemingly deep yet entirely passive-aggressive messages in a sad plea for attention (and likes).

So are Khloe and James on the rocks?

Last week we reported that the NBA star was furious with Khloe after she moved her ex Lamar Odom into her home, so what better response than... STRIP CLUB FIELD TRIP!

As for Khloe's post, it's not that it isn't, ya know, generally sage advice, but one typically doesn't post such a thing without subtext.

Of course, she could be directing this message toward Kylie, who has clearly been put through the ringer with Tyga, who's been accused of texting a 14-year-old model and cheating with Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso

And if that is the case, we say: Kylie, take heed.

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