Josh Duggar to Danica Dillon: You Can't PROVE I Assaulted You!

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As his court battle with Danica Dillon draws closer, Josh Duggar's lawyers are doing everything in their power to try and discredit  the former adult film star.

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Danica Dillon Puckers Up

Dillon claims Duggar paid her for sex, then manhandled and verbally abused in her such a way that she suffered physical injuries and permanent emotional trauma.

Duggar now claims he's never even met Dillon, and his attorneys reportedly plan to argue that she's extorting their client in hopes that he'll pay her off in order to avoid further negative publicity.

Josh claims he has photographic proof that he was not with Dillon on the day in question, but clearly his lawyers aren't taking any chances, as they've asked the judge to make Dillon furnish evidence that she was abused before the trial proceeds.

On Friday, Duggar's lawyers filed papers with the following request:

Presumably, if this matter is of such importance to her that she would file a public complaint, make accusations about Defendant on national television and demand more than half a million dollars, producing some documentation of her losses and injuries and the names of people who have knowledge about her allegations within the time set by this Court and required by its rules should be feasible."

Legal experts say Josh's lawyers were hoping to stop the proceedings before they even reach the pre-trial conference stage, but it seems the judge wasn't having it.

The motion was rejected, and both parties are still scheduled to come face-to-face for a conference that's scheduled for January 21.

You can expect Josh's lawyers to continue pulling out all the stops between now and then.

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