Jimmy Fallon: NBC Issues Statement About Host's Drinking Problem

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Back in October, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon severely injured his hand for the second time in six months after he took a tumble while swigging Jagermeister during an event at Harvard.

Jimmy Fallon Hand Injury

On its own, the accident would've hardly been newsworthy, but coming on the heels of rumors about Fallon's hard partying, as well as a bizarre incident in which he chipped a tooth last August, the fall prompted questions and concerns about Jimmy's drinking habits.

Shortly after news of Fallin' Fallon went viral, a rumor that NBC execs were planning to ask Jimmy to got to rehab during the show's next hiatus began to circulate online.

That didn't happen (as far as we know), but the fact that the network never came out and denied the reports led many to believe that some higher-ups were, in fact, worried about Fallon's drinking

Yesterday, some of Fallon's bosses finally spoke out on the matter at a press event for members of the Television Critics Association, and their were comments were...confusing, to say the least.

“He’s good. He doesn’t have a drinking problem,” said NBC Entertainment chairman Greenblatt. “He goes out and has fun. He’s had some accidents. Aside from that, he’s in better shape than he’s ever been.” 

Perhaps sensing that the crowd could detect the odor of BS emanating from his comments, Greenblatt added:

“Always, we are worried about his safety. There’s been conversations about that. The stories are exaggerated about this.”

So there you have it. Jimmy Fallon's not a drunk! He just has the occasional accident while he's "having fun," and his bosses frequently worry about his health and safety!

Yeah, we predict you'll tune in to see co-host Steve Higgins temporarily sitting in for Fallon sometime in the next year.

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