Jenelle Evans Sets the Record Straight About Police Altercation

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Earlier this week, area police paid a visit to Jenelle Evans' house to intervene in a domestic dispute that involved a screaming match between her mom Barbara and her boyfriend David Eason.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Photo

No arrests were made, but Barbara was said to leave with Jenelle's kids, Jace, 6, and Kaiser, 1.

Now, the Teen Mom 2 star has taken to Twitter to clarify the events of that day.

"Kaiser was never taken from my house... I was in the bathroom doing my makeup to go to lunch with my mom," she tweeted

"Kaiser was in David's arms and she kept yelling so he asked her to leave and she didn't... Simple." 

"That was my nephew and Jace she took... Not Kaiser."

Come on, Jenelle, it's never really simple when the police get involved, is it?

Of course, it could just be another routine day for the reality star, who's been arrested a whopping 13 times in the past five years.

So yeah, when the cops show up at the Evans home, it's NBD. She probably has doughnuts on hand for them at all times.

However, she made no mention of whether the entire incident was staged for MTV cameras, which just happened to be there before police arrived.

“Once deputies arrived on the scene, there were cameras already there filming the reported incident,” an officer with the New Hanover County Police Department told Radar.

Jenelle also confirmed that she no longer speaks to ex-fiance and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, noting that the two communicate through a third party to discuss visitation with his son.

Jenelle Evans tweets about ex Nathan Griffiths
Jenelle Evans tweets about ex Nathan Griffiths 2

So there you have it, folks. Just another beautiful day in the Evans household.

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