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Yesterday, the world was shocked to learn that Rob Kardashian might be dating Blac Chyna.

Today, Rob and Blac are experiencing the predictable fallout from the most random celebrity hookup in recent memory.

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Rob Kardashian Selfie

Khloe Kardashian is pissed at Rob for becoming romantically involved with a woman who’s actively feuding with his family.

Rob’s friends believe Blac is taking advantage of Rob and using him to get back at Kylie Jenner.

Thus far, it seems all of the outrage is coming from Rob’s inner circle, as the response from Blac’s side has basically been a collective shrug.

One person who we thought might be pissed, but who apparently couldn’t care less is rapper Future.

Blac got Future’s name tattooed on her hand back in October, which led many to believe that they were a serious couple.

This was news to future, who issued a statement assuring the world that he’s still banging other chicks.

Now, it seems he’s just unconcerned about the possibility of losing Blac to Rob:

“Future‘s got his mind on his bands and bands only," a source tells Hollywood Exclusive. 

"Blac doing her thing with Rob isn’t affecting him or distracting him from his money. She can get with anyone she wants. Future knows he can still have rich sex with her at the drop of a dime. That ain’t changing.”

Not just sex, mind you – rich sex. And there’s more:

“Future isn’t the type of man who gets emotionally invested in women – he’s not that dude," says the insider.

"And he damn sure isn’t about to get caught up in the drama between Blac and the Kardashian family. Whatever Blac’s doing with Rob is her business.

"’Future‘s always told Chyna he wasn’t trying to be her man like that and he feels he still has her right where he wants her — at his beck and call.”

To paraphrase a lame Facebook meme:

Future is famous. He knows he can have plenty of sex without getting wrapped up in weird tabloid drama. Future is smart. Be like Future.