Farrah Abraham: I'm A Bigger Star Than Lisa Vanderpump!

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It's probably the only time you'll get a cross-over episode of Teen Mom and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Farrah Abraham Talks About Being Univited From Lisa Vanderpump's Party

In a clip on Us Weekly previewing next week's episode, Farrah Abraham revealed that she had been "uninvited" from Bella New York's White Party, hosted by their cover star, Lisa Vanderpump, in the Hamptons.

“I might just go anyways," a shameless Abraham told her mother, Debbo, adding that she was dubbed too "controversial" to be on the guest list.

"I’ll probably just be the star at the party."

Probs not, would be my guess, considering how many Bravolebrities attended.

"I'm gonna just have to show them that they need to grow up," Abraham added.  "And they shouldn't run white parties if they don't know how to be upscale and classy about it.

"So, I'd rather just show up and be there, and they can say how they feel.  And they probably won't, because they're usually scared when I show up and they don't say anything."

Abraham brought up the "horrible things" that those in the adult entertainment industry salaciously wrote about her, which prompted MTV producer Heather Walsh to assure her that her sex tape was three years ago and that Abraham was "so beyond it."

Wrong thing to say.  WRONG THING TO SAY.

“There was nothing of the tape said! There was nothing of the tape said!," Abraham yelled at Walsh.  "You want to keep talking about a tape?”

A confused Walsh then asked, "so what is the controversy about?"

“It’s because I’m a part of the Teen Mom cast,” a batsh-- Abraham said.

“I cannot help that my association with a show that has many other people, who do not connect themselves the same way as I, are part of something that I’m a part of."

Oh, that controversy (?).  Not your foray into porn.

Poor, broken Debbo tried to make things better.

"I think the work that you’ve done in the show has changed the world, Farrah,” Debbo said.

Not helping, Debbo.  

Abraham then got up and went to the bathroom for a good cry.

Tune into Monday's episode at 10pm to watch the rest of this....very confusing scene.

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