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If you follow Bella Thorne on Instagram, you know the girl enjoys posting the occasional selfie.

She hasn’t reached Kylie Jenner levels of self-absorption yet, but with the response she gets from midriff-baring pics like the one below, you can bet the 18-year-old won’t stop posing in front of mirrors any time soon.

Bella Thorne Workout Selfie

Obviously, Bella just worked out, or is about to work out, or something.

Normally, this is where you’d read some comment along the lines of "looks like all that hard work has paid off!" but it’s important to remember that Bella is 18. 

She could probably wash down a pint of Hagen Dazs with a pint of Guinness every day for a month and still bounce a quarter off her stomach.

When she’s still rockin’ Gwen Stefani abs in her 40s, then we’ll give props where props are due.

We kid, of course. Bella is hella fit, and keeping in shape is no easy feat at any age.

Besides, as hard as it is to believe people will probably find cause for complaint here soon enough.

Recently, Bella’s selfies have sparked boob job rumors, and we imagine that trend will continue here along with some added…ab implant rumors?

Who knows? Those Internet trolls are a surprisingly creative lot.

In any event, Bella gets bullied enough. Hopefully her IG followers will make it their new year’s resolution to stop hatin’ and just bask in her hotness.