Arrow Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: One Life to Live

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Felicity Smoak lives.

Even more intriguing of a development from Arrow Season 4 Episode 10? Felicity Smoak will live.

Thanks to a new flash forward, we learned on the 2016 premiere of this CW hit that Felicity is NOT the person in the grave that we first saw on the Arrow Season 4 premiere.

But that doesn't mean everything is peachy keen in her future.

First, however, her past: Felicity survived the gun shot from Damien Dahrk's ghost to end last year. But she's paralyzed.

In order to seek revenge against Darhk, Team Arrow took extreme measure, such as Diggle beating up his brother to learn the location of Darhk’s base of operations

The most extreme measure, however, was taken by Oliver... who didn't actually visit his fiancee in the hospital for a very long time.

Yes, he was fighting crime. Yes, he was trying to avenge her injuries. Yes, he was even releasing Anarky after Laurel had him arrested.

But come on, man.

When Oliver did at last go visit Felicity (and only because everyone else made him do so), she was in shockingly good spirits and was totally not mad at him like she ought to have been.

However, she was very afraid that he would no longer want to marry him.

Fortunately, Oliver did step up in this instance and placed the engagement ring back on her finger after doctors have removed it.

He kissed Felicity and then he left Felicity, actually heading out to save Damien's family from Anarky; in return, Damien gave Oliver "a few weeks" more with his own family.

The clock is now ticking.

As for when the clock sped ahead four months?

We saw Oliver leave the infamous, mysterious grave and we saw him get into a limousine with Felicity already inside.

She told Oliver that he has to kill "that son of a bitch," making us wonder if it's someone close to her who dies.

Go ahead and watch Arrow online to then catch a rather big clue in this flash forward. Not only is there tension between Felicity and Oliver... but she is no longer wearing her engagement ring.

What is about to happen to tear these two apart?!?

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