Arizona High School Students Turn Class Photo Into Racist Exhibition

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Throughout the world, there's racism, like the 2016 Oscars not nominating a single actor or actress of color for a major award.

And then there's RACISM, like what the six students in the following story took it upon themselves to do for some reason.

AZ students

It all started innocently enough, with around three dozen students at Desert Vista High School lining up for a photo while wearing T-shirts that spelled out BEST*YOU'VE*EVER*SEEN*CLASS*OF*2016.

Simple enough, right?

But then six of these young women gathered together for a separate photo, using their unique pieces of attire to spell out a different word.

Here it is:

Racist Students

Ummm.... LOL? 

On one hand, this is a mind-boggling message of racism.

On the other hand, you need to hand it to these students for not even trying to beat around the bush, for just coming right out and being honest and...

Okay, nevermind. We can't even pretend. There is no other hand.

Tempe Union Superintendent Kenneth R. Baca said in a statement that he and fellow administrators are looking into the incident:

"The event that took place today at Desert Vista will not be tolerated. It is unacceptable for any racial slur to be used regardless of intent. We need to understand that words matter.

"I can assure you the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken."

There's an ongoing rumor that says the students have been suspended for five days, but the district has Tweeted this is incorrect.

A petition on, meanwhile, calls for the students to be expelled and principal Christine Barela to be fired; it has amassed more than 35,000 signatures in two days.

Do you think this would be an appropriate course of action or an overly harsh one?

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