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It’s a continuous battle, but one that has recently become easier to fight.

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After Yolanda and David Foster announced their separation on December 1st,  story upon story about the cause of their split has plagued the former couple.  

From jealousy over careers, to Foster’s search for a cure for Lyme disease, the couple of four years struggled to make their marriage work.

Sources tell TMZ that Yolanda was convinced that problems with David only made her Lyme disease worse.

"Yolanda constantly leaned on David during their marriage, but toward the end he was traveling a lot and she couldn’t handle the change and got really sick as a result," the source said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has "no expectation of David being around," which has allegedly done wonders for her recovery.

"Yolanda’s still struggling with Lyme disease, but she’s mobile again and feels she’s on the mend."

Yolanda, for her part, touched briefly on the matter on her BravoTV blog.

"I can say that the sale of our Malibu home, financial matters, nor infidelity played a role in our decision," she wrote, making no mention of her disease.

Lisa Rinna spoke about the split on Heather Dubrow’s podcast, mentioning that the announcement was made the same day as RHOBH’s season six premiere.

"I think it’s a real interesting choice, to be honest, that you would announce this on the day we premiere," Rinna said. "I was really thrown for a loop [last Tuesday], as I’m sure everyone was."