Kourtney Kardashian to Scott Disick: Show Up at Mason's Party OR ELSE!

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Kourtney Kardashian has issued an ultimatum to Scott Disick, but it doesn't strictly involve not boozing, popping pills or sleeping around this time.

Well, surely the 36-year-old beauty doesn't want her pain in the a$$ baby daddy doing those things either, but that's not her specific demand:

Scott Disick and Son
Kourtney Kardashian Side-Eyes

Mason's birthday is coming up, and he'd better be there.

Scott, 32, has tried not to be a total deadbeat dad after he chose alcohol and 20-something girls over his life partner and got dumped this summer.

Since he went off to rehab and came back clean and strong (for now at least), there's even been talk of Kourtney and Scott moving back in together.

While we would guess that reports of non-stop Kardashian-Disick banging are a tad premature, he has been making some effort by all accounts.

He'd better step it up going forward, though.

Mason Dash Disick's birthday is right around the corner (December 14) and Kourt has naturally organized a celebration for her first-born child.

In addition to organic snacks, she expects Scott to be there. And knowing his track record, one can't simply assume he'll come through for her.

Disick famously missed his daughter Penelope Disick‘s birthday at Disneyland over the summer, so it's not like he has a leg to stand on here.

Says a source close to the Kardashian fam:

“Kourtney is planning a big party for Mason. Everyone will be there, including Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, and she told Scott that he had to be there."

"His son expects his daddy to be there too.”

“Kourtney doesn’t want a repeat of Penelope’s birthday to happen again,” adds the source. “She told Scott that she expects him to be there.”

After months of trying to worm his way back into her life, Disick has made some progress to be sure. But skepticism remains, says the insider:

“Scott has made a lot of promises ... [Kourtney] just wants him to be a present father for all three of their little ones, and not show up drunk or anything.”


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