Scott Disick: Moving Back in With Kourtney Kardashian?!

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When Scott Disick first started his campaign to try and win Kourtney Kardashian back, it seemed like the Lord had finally taken on a challenge in which he wouldn't be able to use his smarmy charm to get what he wants.

Remarkably, however, it seems that Kourtney is actually considering giving her 32-year-old baby daddy yet another chance to prove that he has what it takes to be a responsible father and partner.

Kourtney Disick

Earlier this week, we reported that Kourtney may have already taken Scott back after he proved to her that he's able to string together a few days of sobriety. 

Many fans (and probably most members of Kourtney's family) hoped it was just a rumor, but now, it looks like he's back in her good graces.

Radar Online is reporting that Scott has moved back in with Kourtney, and the troubled couple is tentatively giving their relationship another go.

“He is going to move back in with Kourtney and the kids, even if it is in a separate part of the house for now,” an insider tells the website.

Yes, it seems Scott will be living in a separate wing of Kourtney's sprawling home, but it's still a step toward reconciliation.

The source says Scott was permitted to move back only after he sold the Beverly Hills bachelor pad that he'd purchased recently.

After Kourtney kicked him to the curb, Disick bought the pad and made it his home base for all the hedonistic nonsense he indulged in.

Kourtney reportedly saw the home as a symbol of Scott's hard-partying, and she insisted that he get rid of it before re-joining his family.

Even if he had to sell it for a loss, she was adamant about this, but of course, the Lord being the Lord, he managed to turn a profit on the place.

Now let's see if he'll be as lucky when it comes to the considerably more difficult task of weaseling his way back into Kourtney's heart.

He appears to be on the right track there as well, despite odds that many would have considered long, if not impossible, a short while ago.


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