Kaley Cuoco: Topless and Toned on Instagram!

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It's been almost three months since Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting, and while there have been plenty of rumors about her love life in the months since (more on that later) we don't actually know who (if anyone) is bedding down with KC.

What we do know is that the girl is putting in work when it comes to perfecting her revenge body:

Kaley Cuoco: Topless on Instagram

That's a sports bra, so technically she's topless. C'mon, if you know anything about Instagram's nipple policy, then you shouldn't have been expecting any more nudity than that.

Anyway, Kaley captioned the pic with something about Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle, and based on her attire, we're guessing you'll see her pretending to belt out an Aaliyah jam in the near future.

As for the question of who's gettin' it in with Kaley these days, there are many rumors and no confirmations.

It was first reported that Kaley was back together with Johnny Galecki, her ex-boyfriend and Big Bang Theory co-star.

Earlier today, we learned that Kaley and Paul Blackthorne of the CW's Arrow are hooking up.

So Kaley could be bedding both those dudes, or nobody at all.

Either way, we're guessing Ryan sees pics like this one and regrets whatever it is he did to drive Kaley away.

Of course, shortly thereafter, he probably remembers who he is and realizes he's lucky she briefly gave him a chance.

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