Anna Duggar to File For Divorce as Josh Duggar Prepares to Leave Rehab?

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It's been over three months since Josh Duggar checked into rehab for sex addiction, and several sources close to his famous family say that the 27-year-old former lobbyist is hoping to be home in time for the holidays.

Josh and Anna Duggar Birthday Photo

However, it seems that Josh's wife may not be thrilled by the idea of his early release, as In Touch is reporting that Anna Duggar is planning to file for divorce before her husband returns home, and now, she may need to rush the proceedings.

Insiders tell the tabloid that the ever-scheming Josh is aware of Anna's intentions, and in addition to leaving treatment early in hopes of changing her mind, he's in the process of hatching another plan that he hopes will essentially force her to stay with him:

“She’s contemplating divorce, but now Josh wants them to renew their wedding vows in front of both of their families,” says one insider.

Josh is aware that Anna's family is as devoutly religious as his own, and he's reportedly hoping that the dual pressure of feeling that she's disappointing her kids and her parents will convince her to give him another chance.

Yes, he's a classy guy, that Josh Duggar:

“It’s been really stressful for Anna because her kids want their daddy home for the holidays and she’s a full-time single parent," says the source.

"She is getting support from the Duggar family in that they help watch the kids, but she’s still under a ton of pressure."

As we've previously reported Josh's faith-based rehab (which some say bears more resemblance to a Christian work camp than an actual treatment facility) works in 45-day cycles.

At the end of each cycle, "students" are evaluated, and asked if they would like to leave the facility or remain in treatment.

Josh is approaching his 90-day mark, and now that he's caught wind of Anna's plan to leave him, sources say there's no way he'll remain in treatment, as he knows this might be his last chance to plead his case.

So it looks like Josh will indeed by home for Christmas - but it also sounds like it won't be a very merry occasion. 

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