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The action on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2 picked up a week after Kara donned her tights and cape, as television’s new heroine realized Kermit the Frog was right all along.

Forget being green, however. It isn’t easy being super.

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Consider Kara’s disastrous attempt to rescue an oil tanker and her humorous response to the public backlash:

“I went from superhero to eco-terrorist in a single bound!

Cat Grant even dubbed this other Caped Crusader “#TerribleGirl,” while Kara recruited Winn and James to assist her in starting small and working her way up.

Viewers were then treated to an enjoyable montage of Kara taking on smaller issues, while also considering larger problems such as the way bullets bounce off of her and hit strangers

Moreover, you can’t just toss down an ambulance. It must be eased to the ground.

These are the kinds of obstacles most of don’t worry about on a daily basis.

This is easily the best part of the series so far, the light tone and the way it pays attention to detail.

Heck, it even gets political in its own way, with Cat telling Kara that Supergirl needs to “calm the Hell down” and explaining her perceived differences between a super MAN and a super WOMAN.

Alex, meanwhile, came up with her own sharp points about her sibling’s ability to hold her own via a sparring room, one tricked out with strength-sapping “kryptonite emitters."

For what purpose? Because Earth’s proximity to the sun does not teach close-quarters combat technique.

This training helped later on when Kara was reunited with her aunt, General Astria.

The latter warned Kara that she should not align herself with humans, proceeding to pummel her niece until Supergirl fought smarter and also Hank stabbed Astria with a kryptonite knife. That definitely helped.

Toward the end of the episode, James and Kara engaged in a heart-to-heart about his sad legacy as “the friend of someone who is making a difference,” while Kara granted Cat’s wish for an interview.

Finally, Peter Facinelli debuted as Maxwell Lord, a mogul who isn’t a fa of Supergirl bestowing upon National City the “400 percent increase in maintenance” and Kara figured out Cat’s room temperate latte problem.

Thanks, heat vision!!!!

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