Sister Wives Reunion Recap: Catfishing Confessions

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We had been promised a Sister Wives reunion unlike any other.

Sunday night, TLC delivered on that promise and then some.

With the backdrop of Meri's catfishing confessions, the stakes were abnormally high heading into Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 14. And it showed.

Kody Brown, his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, and their children all sat down with Today reporter Tamron Hall to discuss all the drama.

While it was far from the only noteworthy crisis of Season 6, Meri Brown catfished online by a woman pretending to be a man certainly felt like it.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Kody said of the unsettling situation.

“At the time it seemed so vague. I didn’t want to push her ... she hasn’t felt well, hasn’t seemed like herself for a long time,” he lamented.

Until Robyn “made” her, Meri didn't even 'fess up to her spouse.

“I knew something wasn’t right. I was begging her to talk to me,” Robyn said of her sister wife, and at that point, she decided to reveal all.

“I just knew I had to,” Meri said, adding that her online "friend" threatened to ruin her. “I believe that was the goal - to break up this family.”

If so, #fail. As you know if you watch Sister Wives online, what doesn't kill the Browns has a way of making them stronger in the end.

“My first reaction was to put on armor and go to war,” Janelle says.

Christine echoed that: "Our job is to keep everybody safe."

Meri didn't feel safe. On the contrary, she felt scared for her safety and her family's safety, as well as rather guilty for her role in all this.

As for Kody's take on what some call an emotional affair?

“This is somebody who I see was trying to exploit her," he explained, "to literally harm our family and find some way to damage our kids."

"So nothing but forgiveness in this case. I see it as a flirt. So what,” he says, noting he doesn’t “even know what” emotional infidelity is.

That's the company line and he's sticking to it, anyway.

As Meri sees it, "people are always going to believe what they want to believe," but someone "targeted us and wanted to tear our family apart."

That, she reiterates, is "not happening on our watch.”

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