Kaley Cuoco and David Spade: Are They Dating?!

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In September, Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from her husband Ryan Sweeting.  As the details of their divorce have unfolded over the last few months, it certainly hasn’t been without some serious drama.

Cuoco gave her husband a choice: go to rehab or get a divorce.  Sweeting took off for a stint in rehab.  But after checking out of the facility, Sweeting went missing for four days.

Kaley Cuoco is Just the Hottest
David Spade at Premiere

The disappearance was the last straw for Cuoco.  In short, Cuoco slammed Sweeting on Instagram, packed up her sh*t, and moved on.

Now, things might be looking up for Cuoco in the months after the split from her drug-addicted ex-husband.

The Big Bang Theory actress was recently spotted with none other than David Spade.  As a result, many are wondering if the two are romantically involved.

The photo shows Kaley, wearing a black and white plaid jacket and her hair in braids, wrapping her arms around David’s neck. Cuoco is gazing into the camera.

David, who is donning his typical black jacket, has his arm around her back. Rather than looking at the camera or at Kaley, David is glancing the other direction.

To be fair, from this photo alone, it is hard to tell if they are digging each other or if they are just old friends.  But now that Kaley is single and until they claim otherwise, it is a definite possibility!

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