Justin Bieber: Slammed for Nirvana Shirt

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You didn't think a day would go by without a Justin Bieber scandal, did you?

The singer just hit number-one with his latest album again, while he's been mostly praised for his medley of hits to close out the 2015 American Music Awards.

Justin Bieber Nirvana Shirt

Prior to taking the stage for his performance, however, Bieber walked the red carpet of this event in Los Angeles.

And he did so dressed as casually as one can be, rocking a shredded pair of jeans along with a T-shirt that honored the former rock band Nirvana.

Yes, the same Nirvana who struck it big long before Bieber was born and whose lead singer, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide just one month after Bieber entered the world.

In response to Bieber seemingly trying to seem trendy via the Nirvana reference, WWE's Paul Heyman referred to the pop singer as "sacrilegious," while others questioned his knowledge of the group's music.

“Kurt Cobain rolled over in his grave when Justin Bieber showed up wearing a Nirvana shirt,” Tweeted one critic, while another added quite simply:

"Justin Bieber doesn't have the right to wear a Nirvana shirt."

This is technically untrue. Freedom of speech and all.

But SHOULD Justin Bieber wear a Nirvana shirt?

Is he simply expressing affection for an iconic band here? Or trying way too hard to be hip and edgy?

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