Justin Bieber and Josie Canseco: Dating?!

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Justin Bieber's love life has been pretty tough to figure out lately.

Just last week, Bieber declared his love for Selena Gomez, but in the days since he's been spotted partying with a parade of young hotties. Unfortunately, one of them might earn the Biebs an old-school dad bashing:

Josie Canseco Photo
Up Close with Justin Bieber

The lady on the left is Josie Canseco, the 19-year-old daughter of baseball legend and noted goat enthusiast, Jose Canseco.

Josie and the BiebsĀ (Awesome band name alert!) have been hanging out a lot lately, and while neither party has confirmed that they're gettin' it in, we doubt Justin is taking her out every night without at least getting to third base.

And that could be a problem for everyone's favorite wispy Canadian.

You see, Jose Canseco is 51 now, but he's still ginormous thanks to the performance-enhancing smoothie he probably sucks down for breakfast every day.

If Justin doesn't treat Josie with respect, he might find himself on the business end of a Louisville Slugger before her even has the chance to ask "What Do You Mean?"

To make matters worse, Josie was most recently involved with a rapper named Mike Stud. We have no idea who that is, but he also sounds like someone Justin should be afraid of.

But it's not like he's gonna give up any time soon. Josie is super hot, and it's not like Justin is known for his sound decision-making skills.

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