Jose Canseco, Pet Goat Pulled Over by Police

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Jose Canseco got pulled over by the police for speeding this week.

Pretty regular circumstance, right? Not exactly worthy of a celebrity gossip post? Perhaps it will be now:

The former Major League Baseball star and admitted steroids user was transporting a pet goat in the backseat at the time.

Canseco had Tweeted early on Wednesday that he and girlfriend Leila Knight has purchased a few fainting goats, asking followers for name suggestions.

A couple hours later, an officer chuckled at the sight of one of these animals - wearing a diaper, no less - just hanging out in Canseco's vehicle as the slugger received a ticket.

"Just got pulled over with goats in the car," Canseco wrote on Twitter. "he cop laughed at our poor goats . Awesome"

Goat in Jose Canseco's Car

The ex-celebrity boxing participant also said a documentary on the goats and their "adventure" may also soon film, which is exactly what the world needs, really.

But, hey, at least Canseco didn't taunt any rape accusers on Twitter this time around.

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