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It remains unclear whether or not Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency in 2016.

She has faced surprisingly stiff competition from Bernie Sanders and some polls actually show Ben Carson currently ahead of her on a national basis.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Throwback Photo

But one thing is for certain:

Hillary Clinton has most definitely won Throwback Thursday this week. And it wasn’t particularly close.

The Democratic nominee’s official Instagram account shared a picture from 1995 yesterday, hearkening back to a Dolly Parton-themed hoedown at the White House.  

According to a report in the Spokesman-Review two decades ago, over 150 staffers and friends got together for square dancing and a barn-shaped cake on the occasion.

As you can see here, Hillary completed her Western look with a wig inspired by the country singing legend.

"#TBT to the time Hillary had a Dolly Parton-themed birthday party in 1995," reads the Instagram caption, referencing Clinton turning 48 years old.

As written in Presidential Wives, a book published about first ladies in 1999 by Paul Boller, Clinton was VERY into her Dolly hairdo at the time.

"Tell you one, thing, folks," Clinton allegedly said. "The costume can go back in the morning, but I’m going to hang on to this wig!"

We love it.

And we must admit: This is not the most embarrassing thing a Presidential candidate did this week.

You have seen that Ben Carson rap ad, right?