Groom Ditches Wedding for Paintball; Bride Goes to McDonald's!

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Forget leaving for the honeymoon.  This bride would rather have a burger.

A bride whose new husband decided to play paintball after their ceremony decided to do exactly what she felt like doing: eat at McDonald’s.

McDonald's Bride

Antoinette Sullivan brought her wedding party to the fast food restaurant to enjoy a burger for the post-wedding celebration while her new husband played paintball.

Her husband, Miles, stayed long enough to get hitched.  But when he left to play paintball, Antoinette wasn’t sure what to do.

So she did what all brides do after they’ve been starving themselves to fit in their wedding dresses: she ate a quarter pounder, fries, and mozzarella sticks.

The 28-year-old bride said, “When Miles went off with his mates I thought to myself, well if he can have his fun then I can I have mine”

"We laughed about it but my friends said I should have gone mad but I don’t care, it was a great day and I’d been craving junk food after months of dieting.”

She continued, ”It was the best burger I’d ever eaten and the best way to mark the day. It was perfect and typical of me and Miles.”

Most brides would have lost their sh*t.  But she wanted her new husband to have fun:  "We’re best friends as well as husband and wife and we never stop each other doing what we want to do.”

"He wanted to go paintballing with his mates and I wanted a burger and chips and that’s what we did,” she added.

After they celebrated independently, the couple—who have four kids together—reunited for an evening celebration. Antoinette explained, "I met up with Miles in the evening and we had a great party with our friends.”

Miles claimed that he played paintball after the ceremony because he didn’t have a pre-wedding bachelor party.

”After the ceremony the boys told me they were kidnapping me to go paintballing. I asked Antoinette first of course but she was great about it. We’re like that as a couple. I love her to bits,” he gushed.

"I must have the best wife in the world to let me leave her in her dress and go off on my stag do.”

After the burgers and paintball, the couple left for a honeymoon in Tenby in Wales.  However, they left only one day later because they were bored. They spent the rest of their time at Alton Towers.

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