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Who knew that deer loved to hog the spotlight in such a manner?!?

About a year after a herd of these animals stepped into the background of a memorable wedding photo, one gentle deer decided to check in on the status of a sleeping baby.

Deer Photobombs Baby

While Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was doing a photo shoot with the child (named Conner) in Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, Louisiana, that is.

The picture – which includes a bale of hay, some colorful leaves and pumpkin – is a true sign that autumn awww-tumn has arrived.

"We had the set up for baby Conner all fixed and we were trying to console him and get him into position while Maggie just strolled up behind us," Rion told

Wait… Maggie? 

Yes, Megan is actually familiar with this photobombing deer.

She’s a rescue deer who lives in the park and who Rion has seen in about “five different photo shoots.”

She’s known for having a gentle nature and Rion told Fox 8 that her assistant used an ear of corn to get Maggie’s attention after she wandered into the frame.

"Not only did she look my way, she came up calmly walking towards baby Conner and our set-up," Rion explained. "I got a couple shots then we were done.”

A couple of AMAZING shots, we would say.

Check out the cool image above and then compare it below with other examples of animals cramming their way into human photographs: