Castle Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: Time In!

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There was some kind of Case of the Week on Castle Season 8 Episode 7

We just know there was. It's a fact. Just don't ask us to recount it right here or to remember it very well.

Why not? Because something of even more important note took place on the ABC hit Monday night:


When is a married couple having intercourse something to get excited about, when those behind the scenes have decided to annoyingly split up this couple because one half is obsessed with her mother's murder and trying to protect the other half.

But it was Caskett's one-year wedding anniversary on "The Last Seduction" and you can only imagine how Castle when all out for the occasion.

We're talking balloons, confetti cannons and a basic, sweet dinner invite.

Kate didn't see much choice but to accept, especially after seeing Rick hesitate for a moment when asked about his marriage when undercover with a divorce attorney, figuring this could be a "time out from her time out." 

And then what a time the couple had together!

"Kate, I have never given up hope, not since the day we met,” Rick confessed during the satisfied afterglow of their “better than I remembered” interlude.

However, Castle did see a cryptic text to Kate from Vikram. But he seemed less angry about her lack of full honesty and interested and/or confused.

But how will he feel when the aforementioned afterglow wears off?

Go watch Castle online to relive this unexpected naked celebration and sound off:

Do you hope the drama is finally over for one of television's most entertaining couples?

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