Brooks Ayers and Jim Marchese: Still Bitter, Planning Tells-Alls

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"It's a small universe for husbands who are abused by Bravo!"

Those are the words of a disgruntled Housewives husband who blames his storyline on "editing."

Jim Marchese does not give a rootin' tootin fig about what Andy Cohen and Co. think of his idea: A gathering of tell-alls from disgruntled former Housewives stars.

Brooks Ayers in New York

On November 10th, Amber Marchese confirmed to People Magazine that she and Jim wouldn't be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Brooks Ayers recently reached out to Jim about shopping a tell-all after admitting that he had faked cancer treatment documents.

"Basically he and I connected on Twitter,” Jim told Radar Online.  “He started retweeting some things, and we talked on the phone in the last two weeks.”

“He was interested in talking about ideas for a book."

Prior to their Twitter meet-cute, the two men had never met.

"It was really the fist time we spoke,” Jim said. “It was more introducing each other because he doesn’t watch New Jersey and I don’t watch OC."

Ayers joins a list of jilted househusband, one which I would love to see.

"It’s funny because he’s not the first one to reach out to me: But he’s the first one to make it public on Twitter,” Jim continued.

“To put it this way, pretty much every disgruntled Bravo husband or housewife has reached out, so I have struck quite a cord with the community because apparently not everyone drinks the Kool-Aid.”


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