Bristol Palin Sounds Off on Starbucks Cup Controversy, Continues to Be Dumb

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Bristol Palin has a blog, and she frequently uses it to say really dumb things about the big topics of the day. For once, however, we have to agree with her on something - the controversy surrounding Starbucks' holiday cups is an incredibly stupid waste of time.

When she starts in on why she feels that way, however, Bristol really lets her dumbass flag fly:

Bristol Palin Looks Crazy

"The mainstream media and the Left love their outrage machine where they claim the world is ending because any number of tiny people have expressed hurt feelings on social media.

"So now, they’re taking a tiny fraction of people’s response and attributing it to all conservative Christians.

"Do not buy in to the media hype surrounding this story!!  It is just another attempt by the LEFT to make Christians look stupid."

Yes, Bristol believes the controversy is dumb, not because it has millions of people stressing over the lack of decor on a freakin' paper cup, but because it's part of a conspiracy perpetrated by the supervillains who run the media that's designed to make Christians look foolish.

Like we said, Bristol says a lot of dumb things, but she's at her best when she straps on her most stylish tin foil hat and spouts off about the various ways in which Michelle Obama helped fake the moon landing. 

Not only is Bristol digging way too deep to find answers on this one, she's totally missing the truth of the situation that's staring her right in the face:

Obviously, the real winners here are the folks at Dunkin Donuts and the topless mermaids who are one step closer to shutting down the insidious chain that's been using their likeness without permission for years!

We're through the looking glass here, people.

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